About Us

Save time and money when searching for Amazons hidden discounts!

Started in the UK in 2016, ZonCoupons is growing fast into one of the must go to locations on the web to help speed up the search for deals and discounts online. Using our special tools and our unique mix of code and magic we help our DealHunter community find great discounts across the Amazon platform.

Now in several countries we work with local buyers and sellers to find and share Amazon deals as well as offering unique coupon code deals exclusively to our registered users. Everything we do is aimed at helping our buyers find the right products at the right prices and our sellers to find the right customers at the right times. It really is a match made in heaven and as our growing number of users and merchants would indicate.

How do we find amazing Amazon Deals?

Our little DealHunter elves are working non-stop in the background checking and re-checking and improving our systems to give you the best results possible. With each search the system learns and gets better and better, so keep searching!

Massive savings…

Many of the products have a sale price and a ‘Strike Price’ showing as well as the ‘Sale Price’. This also shows the savings value and savings percent. These deals are relatively easy to find and the savings are clear and obvious. The DealHunter helps filter these products out for you.

Hidden Savings…

When a product is reduced many do not show the original price, so it becomes difficult to see that it is actually on sale at a discounted value. Many sellers choose not to show the ‘original price’ and many product categories simply do not show them, but the DealHunter can still sniff them out for you!

Price Reductions…

The DealHunter also shows products that have recently had their price reduced. These are not sale items, but products that have recently been selling for significantly higher prices on Amazon. Unless you have been following a specific product for a few weeks you may not know whether the current price is the best deal or not.

Coupon Codes…

This is truely the real hidden gem of ZonCoupons. Look out for your search results page to start showing selected exclusive deals from Amazon Sellers. These are one of a kind exclusive discount deals for our DealHunter community. Most coupon code deals start at 50% off and just get bigger!! Make sure you add your email address to a search so we can keep you informed of new and exciting Coupon Code deals from ZonCoupon merchants.

Some of the biggest deals on Amazon can be found hidden within Coupon Codes.
Discounts between 40% and 80% are normal. The seller would supply a limited number of codes that would be added at Checkout to initiate a discount or deal. Many sellers run Coupon Code promotions to their own customers while leaving the rest of us to pay the full RRP! We are working hard to help you find and share these codes and now have a band of merchants who deal exclusively with us for their coupon code promotions which can vary from simple Price Reductions to Multi-Buys and Cross Purchases with complimentary products.
More information…

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