SAVE 37% Card Safe RFID Scan Proof Credit Card Protector Sleeves Multipack – MULTI – ENDING SOON BE SAFE AND PROTECTED from Electronic Pickpocketing: Safe, Secure, Blocking protection from all RFID scanners and readers. PREMIUM QUALITY: Enduring resistant Plastic coated Aluminium will not wear or tear like cheaper alternatives TRAVEL or COMMUTE WITH PEACE OF MIND: Keep your cards safe from skimming even in the most crowded locations We all love the ease of contactless payments, but what about the security? The rise of cheap small RFID card readers is increasing the risk of card and ID theft by skimmers who just get close to you. Just think how many strangers get within reach of your precious cards every day? RFID sleeves prevent electronic pick-pocketing. RFID scanners can’t skim your credit card, debit card or ID information. Our sleeves hold your cards & ID securely, protecting the valuable information stored on RFID chips from unauthorized scans. Unlike cheaper cardboard alternatives our units are manufactured from solid aluminium and coated in colourful plastic. The plastic protects the cards from scratches and helps you identify which card is which without having to open each sleeve every time you wish to use them. This means the sleeves will last a long time and will even tolerate being put through the washing machine without being affected. Cheaper cardboard sleeves will usually beco B01MF7HX3J Clothing, Electronics and Photo, and Home and Garden Schtore A3QYXWX654A04O